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Unleashing the Power of Collaboration and Learning – Essent IT's Knowledge Market

Aditi Paliwal, Farheen Islam, Shalika Srivastava
7 minutes

In June 2022, Essent IT introduced a new initiative called the Knowledge Market.

The Knowledge Market is a platform where members from our IT department can sign up to give presentations. These presentations can cover a wide variety of topics that spark their interest. This includes detailed technical sessions, overviews of ongoing projects, discussions about future trends, "ask me anything" sessions with teams, and so on.

The primary goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing across the organization and to keep everyone updated about developments in different teams.

Despite the Knowledge Market's successful outcome, there was a temporary hiatus until recently when the event made a comeback with a new team of coordinators. In this blog, we will be discussing our experience revitalizing and organizing the Knowledge Market.


With the support of the leadership team and input from our colleagues, we embarked on the task of bringing back an online version of the Knowledge Market. As coordinators we reached out to different speakers, eager to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise within Essent. The topics to be presented ranged from DynamoDB and Domain Driven Design to SAP HANA, along with coffee conversations with new teams, showcasing the diverse skill sets and interests of Essent IT people.

In order to capture people's attention we carefully crafted an engaging email, that included an invitation to speakers and attendees to actively participate in making the event a success.


The resurgence of the Knowledge Market showcases Essent’s dedication to fostering collaboration and learning within the company. The Knowledge Market provides a platform for individuals to share their expertise, experiences, and technological advancements. This fosters an environment of mutual support and growth, where people can connect with like-minded individuals, explore new concepts, and broaden their horizons. By encouraging people to showcase their talents and passions, Essent IT cultivates an inclusive and innovative culture that thrives on knowledge sharing.


As the coordinators, we have a broader vision for the Knowledge Market that extends beyond a single event. We aspire to sustain the culture of the knowledge sharing and collaboration by arranging quarterly sessions. This will ensure a continuous exchange of ideas, allowing individuals to harness their potential and showcase their technical skills.

At Essent IT, we aim to provide a platform for all people, that fosters equal opportunities and celebrates the diverse range of talents within the organization. This way we would like to invite all readers, both within and outside of Essent, to reach out and contribute their knowledge, because we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared.


As a relatively new Essenter, Shalika initially had no firsthand experience of the Knowledge Market. However, her eagerness to engage with colleagues and explore their ideas and knowledge compelled her to take on the role of a coordinator. She collaborated with Aditi and Farheen, setting the stage for the successful organization of the event. With support from the others, Shalika familiarized herself with the event's history and the responsibilities involved. Her engineering background allowed her to grasp the significance of the event, and she was thrilled to witness the innovative ideas and expertise within Essent IT.


Organizing the Knowledge Market was a dream come true for Farheen. As someone passionate about event organization, she saw this as a unique opportunity to put her skills on display. As a previous participant in Knowledge Market sessions, she understood the format and the tremendous value it provided to attendees. Even with time constraints, Farheen eagerly embraced the challenge.

The response from the speakers was overwhelming, exceeding all expectations. This made all the effort put into organizing the event incredibly rewarding!


The revival of the Knowledge Market signifies Essent’s dedication to collaboration, learning, and innovation. Through the coordinated efforts of enthusiastic people, the event has become a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and technical expertise.

The Knowledge Market not only highlights the vast talent pool within Essent IT but also reinforces the company's commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and growth. With each session, the Knowledge Market paves the way for new opportunities and strengthens Essent’s ambition to become The Energy Tech Company of The Netherlands by 2025.

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